FX2 Club is a real account monitored by FX Blue since the 1st February 2017.


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    FX2 Next Generation Managed Account

   Forex 2 Club is a new type of Managed Forex Account taking some of the ideas from HYIPs and applying them to a genuine trading account using clients' funds combined with our own. By breaking free of PAMM accounts and traditional methods, we free ourselves from a lot of restrictions and are able to give clients a much better deal, with a quick return of capital and no false promises.

    The main problem with managed accounts is that they average around 10% a month and so it takes a long time to break even and after that you have to hope that they survive long enough to refund your original deposit. Obviously, the problem with HYIPs is that they all fail eventually and so the risk of losing money is very high. Forex 2 Club overcomes these problems by paying a massive, fixed 33.33% a month for just 6 months to include your capital return. For example, the minimum $300 (or pounds or euro) will give you $100 a month for 6 months (doubles your money). Of course you can reinvest as often as you like but that would be counted as a separate 6 month deposit.

     However, acting on our own outside the control of a broker regulated to accept investment accounts means that we have to act as an Private Investment Club so this is not in any way a recommendation to the public to invest money! Forex 2 Club accepts only clients who wish to join the investment club and participate in a share of the club's investment and trading activities. At the end of each month, all our trades are published in the Members Area and members are paid back to their payment accounts starting one month after their deposit.

Disclaimer and Terms of Agreement

    FX2 Club is a Private Investment Club for members only who agree to the following terms and conditions. Nothing contained herein constitutes a recommendation to invest, deposit money or part with money in any way. Inside the Members Only Area and on the link to the third party monitoring site, FX Blue, you will see actual results of our personal investments and you must conduct your own due diligence to decide whether or not to participate. Past results are no guarantee of future performance and total loss of funds is a possibility. You must comply with the legal and tax requirements of the country you live in and of your own nationality. By clicking the button below, you agree to all of the above and declare not to hold FX2 Club responsible for the outcome of your membership. On its part, FX2 Club promises all statements are true and that it will do it's best at all times to act in the interests of its members and pay a fixed 33.33% per month on members capital.

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Contact: John@FX2.club